Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Fam Has Landed

Little Matts Bday...

Turkey Day

Orchard Vid

Good Times...Thanks Lizzy and CB for saving my life.

Art...yes thats lightning, poop and clouds

Photo Party

Geo's Wedding I think I posted already but what evs

Monday, December 28, 2009


Just a Random Photo of Geo and I at FDR from 2001. Its weird I still cant skate tranny but he now kills it. Id love to see him skate it now.

Pete sent me some old photos...Im sure hes going to kill me for posting the lip slide photo , sorry Peter. Happy Late Bday...The photos are from a trip that George, Pete and myself went on around 04-05 I think...I was wrong it was 2003. except the lipper, that might be a lot older. Yup like 1997. We almost got killed by rednecks and had bums trying to sell us hookers and coke. Partied in a hotel bar for a few nights good times. I'm gonna try and post more often. Thanks Pete for the real dates of those trips.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fall Back


Mom shot this photo from up home...It looks like the fall up there is ending sooner than ours here. Halloween was a shit show, who knows what happened. The Seasons are changing and so is pretty much everything else. Make it or break it. more to come...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Im not going to talk about whats been heavy on my mind...With the passing of a friend nothing ever feels normal. So what do I do. I lose myself in skateboarding. Since I was 13 I've used it as an escapes a daydream a home away from home, its my crutch, my life blood to friends its my way to pretend that whats real isn't really there. With that said, skateboarding, is it really real. For so long I've seen what i love crumble in front of my eyes. People making millions exploiting, what i love. Many of which skate, and for some reason they can rip. Which makes it even harder to swallow. I want to skate so bad right now but due to my long love of the bottle I can't because my board is not near me.

Who knows what I'm saying but I'm sure some folks will get this. I will say thanks to youtube and people that upload videos...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Good Ole Days

Bored at work I found this. Man the hood never changes. Miss you B BLock...


Fatal Shooting at the Broadway Club Prompts SLA Action
Albany, NY- The New York State Liquor Authority (SLA) summarily suspended the license of Butler Hampton Inc., doing business as the Broadway Club at 108 Central Avenue in Albany. The suspension was ordered by the Members of the Authority, Chairman Daniel B. Boyle, Commissioner Jeanique Greene and Commissioner Noreen Healey by unanimous vote at the July 15th Full Board Meeting.
The summary suspension was ordered after an investigation by the SLA and the Albany Police Department. On May 30, 2009, a shooting occurred at the nightclub resulting in the death of a male patron. According to statements taken by the Albany Police, the patron was shot while on the dance floor and the shooter was observed running out the back door of the premises. The investigation showed the licensee attempted to cover up any evidence as a result of the shooting and that the licensee was uncooperative with the investigation. No one from the Broadway Club contacted the Albany Police regarding the shooting. The licensee and his staff also made statements disclosing they had cleaned up blood from the scene and placed a gun shell casing in the garbage, which was later found by the Albany Police. Another employee of the club provided a statement that he observed the victim being carried by others inside the premises to the front of the bar. This employee further indicated that he hid at first, then cleaned up the bar and then ultimately left because he did not want to be questioned by the Albany Police.
This establishment has a significant history of violations. In April, 2007, the SLA imposed a $7,000 civil penalty and 10 days suspension for permitting the trafficking of marijuana, two counts of failing to supervise, three counts of permitting an assault, allowing an excessive amount of noise, and employing unlicensed bouncers. In April, 2008, the SLA imposed a $4,000 civil penalty for extending the premises for consumption to an unauthorized area and making unauthorized alterations. In March, 2009, the SLA imposed a $6,000 civil penalty for purchasing from an unauthorized source and having contaminated bottles.

Friday, September 18, 2009


I went home last weekend and ran into this old lady...She gave me free food, Coors and lots of Hugs...Miss you Mom. For more photo's please refer to Matt's Blog...

It takes two when it use to take only one

2 Years 2 Best Friends and 2 Sarahs...what am i doing wrong. Good times.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


so 2009 is a straight fucking bummer. i was just lurking on mr jay's facebook and found these two pictures. i barely remember sitting with liam and craig that night.
hope all is well. might need to trip out to the city once i get laid off.

keep it real fuckers

Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm SOOOO Boring...

History repeats, cause present wont repent...4 days without a shower or a glass of water. Deetick and a boat on the water. Brothers on the low. Mad Dog in the house. No photos. Im so boring...always have been. No creativity. No booze for 6days then had the weekend of the summer. Sometimes you gotta live. Thanks Jer. Jaws is gone...Heartbreaking. Kicked out of Enids? Never, thanks Pats. No Camera but I swear I'll post something other than my rants. Broken window, lose of 300 plus cd's. How am i going to get a burned copy of the first Brand New album again...Guilty pleasures are long gone. Mixes...gone. So if any even reads this my Bday is coming up so burn me some cd's. New Couches at 512...We stay balling. Its almost Fall maybe I'll learn to skate. xo

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wine stains and no brains

So i never post anything...sorry about that. Listen to Justin Townes Earle "Mama's Eyes". Ive also been using the I-Tunes Radio feature...Maybe I'm an idiot but I never realized how awesome it is. If you didn't know now you know fam. Big shit is coming...Good Shows and Geo's wedding so I should get some better content than my jargon. If anyone has money they need to blow, send it my way because that's all I've been really doing lately...Sprained my wrist for the 3rd time last week. So I guess I've been sucking at skating too. Jeez the more I think about crap the worse my life sounds. I'm addicted to coffee again...xo

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

French Fest 09

Ok so im a total idiot and forgot my camera, but I was able to take this gem with my moblie telephone. Lets see this year I didn't have to work, I didnt have a panic attack at 10 am, I didn't do drugs. I did have an awesome time, did kick a glass of wine at Matt and then tried to fight him b/c of it. Food, tans, beer cans, wine, beer wine, sister, brother, babes fam fades. I'm over talking to no one with my fingers knowing 3 people will look at this and 2 will wonder what the fuck im talking about...xoxo

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hi Team Aholes

Spent the 4th in Albany...Short run down...Genesis come back yeah Phil Collins, thanks Matt...Booze, booze, booze, 500+ txt messages, skating, skating, still really sucking at skating, burgers daily, add a hotdog or sausage, Mabel, Bar zilla didn't like that. Kevs new couch is pretty nice. I will say that. Spending too much money, sorry M&T car payment will be late. French Fest 09...Keep Grinding. xo

Monday, June 15, 2009


So I think the only reason to live in NYC is for the live music. Last week I saw Deertick and Jenny Lewis, Lucero twice and the Avett Bros...Long story short...Shit was awesome. Rob Mendoza and Lil Nick came out from SF and the PF went down yesterday. I hate Mondays.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

For those who read

The Judge wrote on and then he folded the ledger shut and laid it to one side and pressed his hands together and passed them down over his nose and mouth and placed them palm down on his knees.

"Whatever exist, he said. Whatever in creation exists without my knowledge exist without my consent."

Read This book my friends. Blood Meridian Cormac McCarthy...thanks

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Long Time gone

Work Traveling Booze Kegs Friends Food Trains Cars Raych Jenny Living Loving Growing up? No. Skating... not enough NYC. Not enough time. Not enough money...Projector... Head butts from strangers for being a stand up prick. Screaming on bar stools. The Third eye is the new weekend warrior. Get some. rants and raves. Kick Flips in lines again...thank you Busenitz for that. Real Talk. Blue Bird... Its almost summer and shits fun. Couch tour over... That's about it for me over the past month. Add in eating and Jeopardy and that's my life. Amazing or not. Friends that's about it. I'm still trying to be cool guy and take pics but it's hard to do with beers in both hands.

XO Thanks for the Post Jeff...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

GBC's little brother from the falls

it's been quite some time. i dont even know who reads this that actually knows me, but i'm in a weird mood tonight due to recent readings and a conversation with a very special person tonight so i thought id give who ever cared an update and vent a bit.
first of all
as of 2/13/2009 i joined the decade club in the world of skateboarding. jay found a video that john, myself and my old skate bros made in 2000. ive watched it maybe 10 times and i have this new love for skating. to see how much fun we had skating flatground in the street or old spots that are now gone....i just want to skate every day possible.
i've been reading a book called "dharma punx" and it's making me analyze my life. i dont exactly know what to do or where to go. i guess one of the biggest problems is getting over being scared and just dropping shit and leaving and exploring. i dont know. who's tired of readin this jibber jabber already? i may have lost my train of thought....yeah i did.
whatever i cant remember why i wanted to post on here in the first place. still looking for a decent portrait of tony page to use for a gheto burd tattoo so if anyone has one hit me up at
hope all is well with everyone.
may the gheto burd fly again,

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Do you think i'm pretty? Do you like me?

" Katie had a fierce desire for survival which made her a fighter. Johnny had a hankering after immortality which made him a useless dreamer. And that was the difference between these two who loved each other so well"

Happy Mothers Day Mommy and Fluffy and Sarah...xoxo

Friday, April 17, 2009


HI Fam, things in my life are going GREAT. Im homeless, sorta, 7 days 7 diff places to stay, thats the kind of kit ive been running. But who cares about me, this weekend belongs to two beloved souls. First off its the amazing mabels 1st bday party so we all have that to be pumped about. And sadly it is the 1 year anny of the murder of Sam, the killer is still at large in the sticks of NC so lets all raise a toast to Mabel and pour a sip for Sammy. XO

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Twins not quite but still pretty in the same shirt

Some winter throw backs...Looking forward to this weekend. Raych is coming to town and no ones getting out alive. Or so we hope...Thats what my face looks like without a beard. Its been awhile now.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I'm back, with the NY Rangers taking a rather heart breaking loss tonight I think the best thing for me to do would be get really really really drunk... My body is failing me...I'm only 28 and can't seem to move anymore...I guess thats why they make pain pills and bar stools. XO Spring pls come save us.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Man On Wire

So I just watched this movie Man on Wire and Philippe Petit is my new hero. I can't believe that NYC doesn't have a statue of this guy. He walked across a tight rope across the Twin Towers. Fam that shit is no joke. It has to be the hands down craziest thing a person has ever done. I dont know maybe it was the bottle of wine but either way I was floored. The dude rules, watch the movie and thank me later.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Story Time

Ok, so sorry its taken me so long to get this story out there and I'm sure most of you have heard it, if not grab yourself some tea and relax and enjoy the ride. This story begins with two hero's Myself and Jeremy. The setting is the first really nice day of winter, the kind of weather you are ok to walk around in a hoodie. So Jer and I meet up and get off the train and the first thing we see is a rather large man wearing a weird shall-blanket over him as he's using a rustic camera to take some really cool photo of a bunch of Jersey barriers on Ludlow or some shit. I guess these are the types of hippy art fucks that hangout in the Lower East Side. Yahhhh New York. So after that good chuckle Jer and I head to see a friend who is working. We say whats up, I get some Clarkes for $20...lost box clause and we proceed to walking around. It hits that hour we like to call Happy and I suggest Piano's. Nothing wrong with some $3 frozen margaritas for the fam. We indulge in a few and Matt M and Ash meet us. They have food, Jer and I pass because we helped ourselves to some Wendy's earlier in the day. So after a few(4) of our favorite $3 drinks Jer and I are a bit tipsy, its also 6 p.m. We decide that its time to go home and rest before we go out for the night, being drunk at 6 is fun, but on the walk back to the train my man Jer has to go number 1. We find this nice little apt building that has a nice place for Jer to piss, or so we think. As Jer is going number 1 a fine gentleman ask's "what we are doing". I answer "hes taking a piss whats it look like" As hes ringing a buzzer he keeps up with his words and so do we...Finally this fine gent tells us he owns the building and uses keys to get in.(authors note) We are still unsure of why he rang the buzzer when he had keys but what evs. So he tell us "you will be sorry" haha ok are our responses. So as Jer is rapping up his wizz, homeboy comes out with a spray bottle and tries to disinfect jer and I. I got a nice shot to the face and I think that Jer happened to get much more because he was much closer to the man than I. More words...and I start to realize that this is getting bad, jokes over I guess. So as Jer and I start our journey back, Jer starts to think that he can't let this guy get away with disinfection us...So he runs back, at this point the man is in his car, I think calling the cops. Jer taps on the window, man opens his door and Jer socks him one to the head or face, I wasn't looking. SO then I hear "run fam run" SO i do just that...We hide in a bar for a few beers and become drunker with Joy and from the beers and really start to realize that we need to go home its about 630 at this point. So we split...I nap till 11 and then skate to the bar...My night ended at 730am...Stupid after hours party...Jer on the other hand stayed in b/c he had to do some hip hop work in the am. I only had to drink all day and go see Lucero that what a great 24 hours the first nice day of winter turned out to be. Thanks Jer.

Friday, February 13, 2009


"We read your blog you know" Awesome quote from last weekend...its was cute. Umm Lets see mental state not set at all. SO lets talk about the new AWS video. MINDFIELD. I have to say that I back it, even the bad parts have there moments. Minus Berra, I can't deal with his fake spots. Dude needs to get dropped from all his sponsors. If it wasn't for the Berrics the dude would be dead to skateboarding. Ya'll feeling that? I haven't taken a photo in a month...I have blacked out atleast 6 times and often times do not remember coming home and I'm still alive. I might tell you a story about me and Jer someday but I'll have to clear it with him first...or let him tell xoxo for now.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Nerd party on sat...Long time not talk work wide web...Dont worry I still love you though. Not much is going on. Ive been really into Vita Coco coconut water as of late. SO get on that world. Ran into someone over the weekend who I haven't seen in a long time and she made me realize that Im normal...thanks bakes. Yeah thats it.

Friday, January 9, 2009


A homie down here in the city put together a little video filmed with a shitty ass camera. SON, September, October, November is pretty much some raw ass skating with a lot of fun mixed in...Pats and I both have tricks so def try and peep the video. Check out the Skateboard Mag website or to view the vid. Until then stay warm.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Two Things

So today at work a patron asked me for some books about that Black Panthers and I came across a book about this dude Emory Dougals. He did a lot of the poster art work for the movement. The shit is really crazy and worth checking out. His prints are really awesome. Maybe people know about this dude but I'm not much of an art dude, unless your my friend. Second thing...At The Drive-In....Why did you break up to make two awful bands? But damn were they good.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Out with the old in the new....yeah right.

I'd would have to say that last year was full of greatness, endless panic attacks, should I jump in front of this train, can I get any drunker, will my hands always shake at work, blowing money on nothing, never skating, hurting people...But thats the past. Last year belonged to the newly created Blodgett Family. Thanks to Kevin Mabel and Sarah for giving some of the best times of my life, now and forever. Thank you so much, but I have to say that 2009 is all about Matt Damon. Its our year so watch out, no one gets outa this world alive...thanks...xo