Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Man Hood?

While some people were celebrating their departure, one group of men headed into the wilderness to find manhood. It was Kevin's bachelor party and the closest thing we got to a stripper was Brooke our Mcdonanlds friend. When you eat Mcdonalds twice a day for day 2 meals a day within 30 mins of each meal you tend to meet the locals. Im not going to bore you with all the pics and details just some highlights...Fishing, swimming, boating, sunburns, Beers, burgers, Pantera and Shot gunning beers, beers, Bob Seagar, walking hot coals for Kevin, Midnight raves, mastering weed, getting Burd Faced, Beers, Burgers, almost getting kicked out by smokey the bear, not seeing any bears, Beers, tents, swimming, long car rides, beer, Awesomeness, Beers, sunsets, ice cream trucks that pull up to the camping spots, fires, Kevin Pooping in the woods 3 feet from the camp site, Beers, Seeing a Bald Eagle coming home, very american, wishing we never left, coming home to work, wondering why people hate me, not sleeping and no more pills...Thats about the wrap up of the weekend...did I mention Beers and getting Burd Faced..Cool. XO

PS Rochester and Buffalo whats up see you soon...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Do you really care out there?

Ive been blowing it in all sorts of directions as of late esp with this stupid blog. Im going into the woods with 20 dudes this weekend and where not leaving until there is a bear attack, alien abduction, or we become real men. Well for me that already happened but for the wuss bags Im heading out with we'll see how they fair. Heads up Rollins Pond Im going to catch every fish you have to offer.

Monday, August 18, 2008


So I have the shacks from drinking too much. Lost my cell phone. Skated...Mad dude party all weekend. Got to see and meet some good folks this weekend. I heart skateboarding and waking up so early to go to work. I feel like I haven't sleep in 3 days....XO Trev for making an epic visit.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rain...No Babes

Went to the Coney Island yeseterday and thought I could skate dice...Friggin Rain. Not much to talk about lately, guess I'm not depressed enough to whine anymore or maybe I just dont care enough. Lost Bernie Mac and Isacc Hayes this weekend...messed up.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Ok Ive been sucking lately but I never get time to post photos and nothing cool happens during the week to blog about. Last weekend did rule though thanks to Matt and his pouch of magic man But I do have something to say. Ive been listening to 764 Hero all week. They were an inde rock band on Up records, I think, last album may have been on tigerstyle but what evs anyway. They toured with Modest Mouse and the Shins but this little 3 piece never got their glory day like the two other Pop Groups. Its too bad b/c they made some awesome music...Ok enough nerding go buy any 764 Hero album, they are all better than good. XO