Saturday, February 28, 2009

Story Time

Ok, so sorry its taken me so long to get this story out there and I'm sure most of you have heard it, if not grab yourself some tea and relax and enjoy the ride. This story begins with two hero's Myself and Jeremy. The setting is the first really nice day of winter, the kind of weather you are ok to walk around in a hoodie. So Jer and I meet up and get off the train and the first thing we see is a rather large man wearing a weird shall-blanket over him as he's using a rustic camera to take some really cool photo of a bunch of Jersey barriers on Ludlow or some shit. I guess these are the types of hippy art fucks that hangout in the Lower East Side. Yahhhh New York. So after that good chuckle Jer and I head to see a friend who is working. We say whats up, I get some Clarkes for $20...lost box clause and we proceed to walking around. It hits that hour we like to call Happy and I suggest Piano's. Nothing wrong with some $3 frozen margaritas for the fam. We indulge in a few and Matt M and Ash meet us. They have food, Jer and I pass because we helped ourselves to some Wendy's earlier in the day. So after a few(4) of our favorite $3 drinks Jer and I are a bit tipsy, its also 6 p.m. We decide that its time to go home and rest before we go out for the night, being drunk at 6 is fun, but on the walk back to the train my man Jer has to go number 1. We find this nice little apt building that has a nice place for Jer to piss, or so we think. As Jer is going number 1 a fine gentleman ask's "what we are doing". I answer "hes taking a piss whats it look like" As hes ringing a buzzer he keeps up with his words and so do we...Finally this fine gent tells us he owns the building and uses keys to get in.(authors note) We are still unsure of why he rang the buzzer when he had keys but what evs. So he tell us "you will be sorry" haha ok are our responses. So as Jer is rapping up his wizz, homeboy comes out with a spray bottle and tries to disinfect jer and I. I got a nice shot to the face and I think that Jer happened to get much more because he was much closer to the man than I. More words...and I start to realize that this is getting bad, jokes over I guess. So as Jer and I start our journey back, Jer starts to think that he can't let this guy get away with disinfection us...So he runs back, at this point the man is in his car, I think calling the cops. Jer taps on the window, man opens his door and Jer socks him one to the head or face, I wasn't looking. SO then I hear "run fam run" SO i do just that...We hide in a bar for a few beers and become drunker with Joy and from the beers and really start to realize that we need to go home its about 630 at this point. So we split...I nap till 11 and then skate to the bar...My night ended at 730am...Stupid after hours party...Jer on the other hand stayed in b/c he had to do some hip hop work in the am. I only had to drink all day and go see Lucero that what a great 24 hours the first nice day of winter turned out to be. Thanks Jer.

Friday, February 13, 2009


"We read your blog you know" Awesome quote from last weekend...its was cute. Umm Lets see mental state not set at all. SO lets talk about the new AWS video. MINDFIELD. I have to say that I back it, even the bad parts have there moments. Minus Berra, I can't deal with his fake spots. Dude needs to get dropped from all his sponsors. If it wasn't for the Berrics the dude would be dead to skateboarding. Ya'll feeling that? I haven't taken a photo in a month...I have blacked out atleast 6 times and often times do not remember coming home and I'm still alive. I might tell you a story about me and Jer someday but I'll have to clear it with him first...or let him tell xoxo for now.