Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Fam Has Landed

Little Matts Bday...

Turkey Day

Orchard Vid

Good Times...Thanks Lizzy and CB for saving my life.

Art...yes thats lightning, poop and clouds

Photo Party

Geo's Wedding I think I posted already but what evs

Monday, December 28, 2009


Just a Random Photo of Geo and I at FDR from 2001. Its weird I still cant skate tranny but he now kills it. Id love to see him skate it now.

Pete sent me some old photos...Im sure hes going to kill me for posting the lip slide photo , sorry Peter. Happy Late Bday...The photos are from a trip that George, Pete and myself went on around 04-05 I think...I was wrong it was 2003. except the lipper, that might be a lot older. Yup like 1997. We almost got killed by rednecks and had bums trying to sell us hookers and coke. Partied in a hotel bar for a few nights good times. I'm gonna try and post more often. Thanks Pete for the real dates of those trips.