Friday, February 29, 2008


Forgot to mention this one sooner but Mr. Dan Pensyl has a new interview in the Skateboard Mag...I do have some issues with this mag like running photos of the same trick at the same spot with two different dudes but I can get over that...SO yeah go to your local shop and check it out...and eat a cheeseburger today for christ sakes its FRIDAY.

My Boy Fela

This here is Fela Kuti...I just got one of his cd's yesterday and its awesome. I was at Barne's house and he had a film on Fela and it is def worth getting...Dude was awesome I dont want to ruin the movies but homeboy looks like he was attacked by a lion and has 30 of the hottest Nigerian wives anyone could yeah check him out this was suppose to post yesterday so today is a two for one..xo

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Not much to say today...Found this photo of JP and Tony from a News Years we all spent in Canandaguia a few years ago...Def some good times...I need to start using my Polariod again...Also I hear that Mike Jackson is selling his Never Land Ranch for about 25 million dollars...yeah how can a dude that made so many awesome songs become some a freaking nutjob, for real. I dont care what kinda life you had Mike, dude you blew it. You could have been like the Richest Dude EVER...But no you turn into some freakshow...thanks a lot. And no one can disagree with me here...He was pretty awesome at one point.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Not so news worthy

So I saw these two dudes on Friday night...And being the Asshole I am I asked Mr. Howard what he thought about watching Hockey Night in Canada as a kid...Well MR. Howard didn't really watch hockey so I told him he was blowing it and walked away. Im thinking that it might have been better to just say dude you have a bitching switch 3 flip son...But I didn't. Next time I guess.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Soo I just joined the YMCA so I can try and fight the boredom of not being able to skate 3 times a week at a park. I should man up and get some balls and learn to skate mini but its never as fun without friends or beer. So Ive decided to dedicate my life to working out, getting Buff, banging skanks and being overall a much better and ripped person. So if ya'll need me I'll be at the GYM...over and out.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Opps I did it again...

Sorry for the for lack of blogging but on Sunday I drank wine coolers and watched hockey and Monday it was 60 so I skated since I had the day off...I'm supposed to be in Barcelona right now but I blew these are more photos from last year...These dudes helped make my stay that much more awesome.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hockey Night in Canada

So its Saturday and I'm at work...AWESOME. Everyones probs planning their big nights out on the town tonight and all that...So I started to think about what would be an awesome Saturday night for me and the two lugs heads in the above picture came to mind. Don Cherry and Ron a youngster I spent my Saturday nights in front of the TV watching Hockey from 7-10 and on the lucky nights there would be a west coast game so it was a two-for-one special...Well I miss those day's and its too bad that CBC's doesn't Broadcast in Brooklyn.

Friday, February 15, 2008

I like to Party All the Time Party all the time...

This little gem is about 3 days into my stay in Barcelona...The day before we skated pretty hard and my ankle was sore, i guess mainly b/c it was probs still broken and trying to heal it self at that point...but oh well. So I thought that by drinking a bottle of wine would help...Well it did, I did do a hardflip at MACBA that day and about 20 hours later I almost died and I made some people really mad...Lets leave the story for those that know it...So yeah. I ate at this BBQ joint last night and I couldn't sleep b/c I think I ate 3 pounds of Beef and Pork and 5 pounds of beer...not so good.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

When ever I think about Tony I think about how he was always wearing a very large smile, no matter what the dude was never in a bad mood and that was part of his greatness. He was always down for what ever not matter what. He once had a broken window in his car and had it taped up with a garbage bag and ducttape...well i think that I jump thru it or ripped it off and ended up throwing his school books out the window and then we drove away laughing...That might have been the year he ended up at summer school but oh well...The point is nothing was a big deal to him and he always lived like that...I know most of us don't live like that and thats what I miss the most...XOXO OTT...

Yeah Yeah Yeah

So I promised photos and I haven't been able to scan any but tonight tonight I will....I have a couple of gems. I just want to rant about work. I don't really like it all that much. It's not my job it's more the idea of working and work in general. Like whats the sense...I'm working to pay off bills for crap I dont need or like...I'm working to save for my retirement but really in 20 years who knows whats going to happen to my money that ive never seen. Blah sorry I got depressed yesterday and ive been a negative nancy if anyone reads this go eat it...XO

Monday, February 11, 2008

This week...

Well for me this time last year was very Fucked up...One day I was high on life after a video premiere and then the next day I'm in complete shock over the death of a very close friend, and this was a few days before I was to leave for Barcelona for a 3 week stay...Long story short I was a basket case. So during this week we will have photos of the good times and the bad...I love you and miss you Anthony...

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Justin Barnes

Our good friend, great dude to powerfade with, just wrapped up school and has launched his website premiering his reel. why don't you all go ahead and check it out.
site looks tight...

Friday, February 8, 2008

Yeah Yeah

So ive been hearing that I have a boring sorry for boring some of you, well any of you I guess...Do people even look at me? Am I pretty? Do you think I should eat better and exercise? Umm what to do...Shut Skateboards has a shop now selling all products by Shut...They did throw a pretty awesome party last night all sorts of people showed. The after party was at some club and we were told we couldn't get in b/c there were too many dudes...Umm yeah too many dudes at a skateshop opening party...sounds about right...We got in and it was $5 for a can of Bud...F Manhahttan and all the clubs...xo..I'm going to post photos again just you wait but sometimes i have to work at work...its weird.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I'm Lazy...

Since I don't feel like saying much today, I suggest that you check out cuddlesmarket or the shelters blog today...some really nice updates...Those sites can be found to the click away my friends... I've been on a Two Gallants kick as of late too...FYI.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday or Mardi Gra...

Soo I hope everyone one goes and votes today and if you dont well then you are a lazy retard and just dont care...and also get drunk and show those titties for some beads. I guess I'm down for that idea except for the fact that I would kill myself self if I had a GF that ever did it...Not that I will ever have one again...but I'm just saying. Ive realized that the ladies dont like drunk skateboarders that acts like a complete dickwad all of the time...soo whah whah to them for not knowing whats up...XO

Monday, February 4, 2008

Twice in one day...

So I just had a run in with a patron, for you lamo's patrons are what us librarians call idiots that frequent the place...The thing I hate most in life are conservative people...people that cant seem to see any further than what ever the good book tells them...or what ever sort of tool they seem to use to make their trip to candyland that much better...People need to relax and let teenagers seen some boobies and not make it out to be a big deal...blah blah...xo


So the Super Bowl was far from Super...shit was lame and boring...Mr. Brady is a millionare and led his team of shitheads to 18-0 record and in the Big game he can't even break a smile. I dont care if he found out that he got crabs from his supermodel GF...Do something have fun you idiot. I guess I'm glad I'm not a fat lazy muscle head who lives for Football and all this sports crap...Long live skateboarding and having fun just pushing down the street...Thanks...and The Felice Bros show was awesome...XO

Friday, February 1, 2008


Umm its Friday, I'm going to a sold out Felice Bros show, friends from Albany are coming and its going to be Sunny tomorrow and Sunday...but it is cold and raining now so better not mess up my weekend. Its also fast-food Friday...Umm go eat a Burger please...also while being slightly drunk at noon two weeks ago going to Rocehster I hate a double whopper...could have been the worst ideas of my life...xo