Thursday, July 31, 2008


so i'm trying to come up with a gheto burd tattoo idea, but i want to put a cartoon version of tony page in it. if anyone has any pictures of tony that might be useful please email them to me at it would be greatly appreciated.

oh, and this is where i work now, yeah the cave of the winds. i get to chill under the falls all fuckin day. there was a random gheto burd spotting there one day when liam randomly appeared out of the mist of the bridal viel falls. he's moving to canada or something?! anyway if anyone is ever in the area and i'm working get a hold of me and come on down.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy Bday's

So today is my Sisters Bday so happy Bday to her...But I also missed JP, Bolster and the living legend Saz all had Bdays last week to...So Sorry folks hope getting older is as awesome as it is for me...Party.XO

Monday, July 21, 2008

Long Time.

So sorry its been so long but ive been gone every weekend this month and its really starting to takes its toll so not much time for the world wide web when I get home. But I went up to Cape Vincent for the 2 weekend in a row this past weekend and thats something I haven't dont in probs almost ten years....and thats go home"home" two weeks in a row. It was a harsh mission all in it self about five plus hours in my car from thursday till sunday but family first I guess. I did get the pleasure of seeing a good friend who I never get to see and that made the weekend...But I'm back. I'm not leaving here for a long time, I hope. So yeah...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wow really.

This was an epic weekend...Avett Bros.Whiskey.Party in a Truck.Skate.Drink.Not Eating. Awkwardness.Whiskey.Not Eating.First to Drink last to sleep. Not eating.Lil Wayne same song 1 hour.Drink.Cops.Fights.Spring Break?The Pool. Babe. Homies.Not eating.Beer. The bus.Not Sleeping. Anxiety. Still can't sleep or eat. I love you people. Shalaxing.Babe.R Kelly. Regrets? No Chance...