Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wine stains and no brains

So i never post anything...sorry about that. Listen to Justin Townes Earle "Mama's Eyes". Ive also been using the I-Tunes Radio feature...Maybe I'm an idiot but I never realized how awesome it is. If you didn't know now you know fam. Big shit is coming...Good Shows and Geo's wedding so I should get some better content than my jargon. If anyone has money they need to blow, send it my way because that's all I've been really doing lately...Sprained my wrist for the 3rd time last week. So I guess I've been sucking at skating too. Jeez the more I think about crap the worse my life sounds. I'm addicted to coffee again...xo

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

French Fest 09

Ok so im a total idiot and forgot my camera, but I was able to take this gem with my moblie telephone. Lets see this year I didn't have to work, I didnt have a panic attack at 10 am, I didn't do drugs. I did have an awesome time, did kick a glass of wine at Matt and then tried to fight him b/c of it. Food, tans, beer cans, wine, beer wine, sister, brother, babes fam fades. I'm over talking to no one with my fingers knowing 3 people will look at this and 2 will wonder what the fuck im talking about...xoxo

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hi Team Aholes

Spent the 4th in Albany...Short run down...Genesis come back yeah Phil Collins, thanks Matt...Booze, booze, booze, 500+ txt messages, skating, skating, still really sucking at skating, burgers daily, add a hotdog or sausage, Mabel, Bar zilla didn't like that. Kevs new couch is pretty nice. I will say that. Spending too much money, sorry M&T car payment will be late. French Fest 09...Keep Grinding. xo