Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Im not going to talk about whats been heavy on my mind...With the passing of a friend nothing ever feels normal. So what do I do. I lose myself in skateboarding. Since I was 13 I've used it as an escapes a daydream a home away from home, its my crutch, my life blood to friends its my way to pretend that whats real isn't really there. With that said, skateboarding, is it really real. For so long I've seen what i love crumble in front of my eyes. People making millions exploiting, what i love. Many of which skate, and for some reason they can rip. Which makes it even harder to swallow. I want to skate so bad right now but due to my long love of the bottle I can't because my board is not near me.

Who knows what I'm saying but I'm sure some folks will get this. I will say thanks to youtube and people that upload videos...