Saturday, September 27, 2008

Umm you work?

Im working again on a Saturday, making this my 12th day of working in 14 days, awesome. Im wearing dirty pants but I dont have a hangover. But lets talk about a certain dare that took place on Thursday. The bet was can I drink a bottle of wine from Grand Central to the Beacon Train stop? Its about 90 mins so its no big deal. Well I asked Curtis to grab me a bottle b/c I was in a rush to catch the train so I ended up getting a magnum of red and still tried to complete the mission. I was one glass shy of victory. While I was waiting for Matt to pick me up I snapped this awesome sun shot and was listening to some Hank Williams with a tear in my eye. It was def a good time. Umm Ryan Adams ruled or so I was told and he played for ever. Babefamfade till the day we die...

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Ok so not that anyone cares but I think about writing everyday but...Just dont feel like it. I think a lot has to do with my lack of Camera which I was told by my sister that I was getting one. I have this bunk phone now and the picture quality aint really worth a shit so no photos from this hobo.

Lets see, Ive been working a lot. The kids are back to school so its been kinda crazy, people have been visiting up a storm, My best buds helped end summer on Monday and had themselves a happy get older day...XOXO Kevin, Matt, Pat and also Chip.

Ive been lurking this dude Ted Barrows blog as of late and he writes these rather long but very entertaining posts. Until I get a camera I think that I might start doing the same, so everyone can hate this blog even more....haha.

Going to see Ryan Adams tonight at the Egg. It better be a party or Im kicking someones ass.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


SOOOO I went on vacation for ten days and spent time with pretty much all of my friends. Spent time in ALbany, Buffalo and Rochester...Thanks to anyone that let me crash on their couch, sleep with their cat and drink their beer...It was def an amazing trip. Then we had Kevin and Sarahs wedding, shit blew my mind. Deertick played we danced and sang. I got a killer tan sitting poolside for 3 days. Ended the party with a night with the Felice Bros...long story short words can not explain what went on nor should they. If you missed it...lets not kid ourselves but you blew it.